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Custom Made To Suit All Roof Types

Roof ventilation is an important part of roofing, particularly in the tropical climates. Effective roof ventilation can extend the life of a roof, as well as making your living and working spaces a lot more comfortable in the summer months.

If your roof is not ventilated correctly, some of the problems you may experience are:

  • Heat transfer from the ceiling to your living / working space, making you uncomfortable
  • Heat build-up can lead to cracked ceilings and cornices
  • Heat and humidity, lead to condensation and mould: damaging and unhealthy
  • Expansion and contraction, due to heat, can leave you with a noisy roof

There are many types of roof vents available today, including static vents, power vents, turbine vents, eave vents, ridge vents, cupola vents and gable vents. However, there is only one The R.V. Roof Ventilator which was inspired, designed and manufactured locally.

The R.V. Roof Ventilator was built for the tropical conditions of Cairns and surrounding regions. It was designed to withstand the sometimes harsh elements of our area: in fact, with a wind rating of up to 218 km/h, The R.V Roof Ventilator systems even withstood the force of Severe Tropical Cyclone Larry (refer to resources page for more information). There were several systems installed in Innisfail and along the coast to Cairns; not one system or roof was damaged during the cyclone.

Custom made to suit all roof types, we suggest approximately 1.20m of The R.V. Roof Ventilator for every 100m2 of house.

The R.V. Roof Ventilator is suitable for private and commercial applications.

Contact us today for more information, or a quote.

So how does it work?

Essentially, it works as a Ventura System: using high and low pressure to suck cool air in and push hot air out, of your ceiling. A fully waterproof unit, The R.V. Roof Ventilator will cool your ceiling cavity down, which stops hot air from permeating into your living and working spaces.

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Ventilated House
Unventilated House


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